August 6 - September 21, 2014
One Thousand Questions - From Hiroshima to Hanford -

A joint exhibit at The Columbia City Gallery, Seattle, WA

Exhibit Concept

One Thousand Questions—From Hiroshima to Hanford is a first joint exhibition of two female Japanese artists Etsuko Ichikawa and Yukiyo Kawano. The focal point of this show involves the artists questioning and considering the legacy of the nuclear era, Fukushima, and Hanford (the site produced plutonium used in Fat Man—the bomb detonated over Nagasaki). The two artists are seeking to open themselves to understanding the alignment of their artistic practice with the historical and political circumstance in which the two are situated.

In this exhibition the artists are using floating lanterns and connecting their work to the community event Lantern Ceremony on Green Lake, Washington (an annual August 6th event remembering A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki). These lanterns will be placed in relation to a life-size soft sculpture of Little Boy—the atomic bomb. Each lantern is inscribed with a question such as “What is silenced in our history?” This offers the visitors to answer to those questions to write on to the lanterns, or consider their own that arise from Hanford, Hiroshima and the interminable life stories birthed from these pieces of history. 

Written or non written, these questions/answers are meant to float off into the lake while individuals are confronted by more questions such as “what does this act of letting them go signifies?” Perhaps the next question to ourselves is “how instead, can we enter into a new relation with history?”

This exhibit is curated by Ken Matsudaira, curator of M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery.

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