May 3 - July 20, 2019
Moving Image Matters: Documenting and Performing Craft in Video
The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA Moving Image Matters_ Documenting and Performing C

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The exhibition examines the use of video as a medium of expression and interpretation by craft makers for whom material is the anchor of their studio workWith easier access to equipment and channels of distribution facilitated by the Internet, social media platforms, and web-based video-sharing sites, makers turn increasingly to video as a medium for aestheticizing processes, exploring ideas surrounding labor, examining the properties and behaviors of materials, or acting out the gestures that facilitate making. The video works in Moving Image Matters, made by artists from around the world, represent modes of thinking and approaches shared by makers of all materials and disciplines. They challenge the assumption that craft is strictly an object-based discipline and assert that making is as much about ideas as it is about objects. 

I am showing VITRIFIED, a short film.