December 7, 2013
New Work: Tsurezuregusa series on panel

This intimate letterpress series is inspired by the Buddhist monk Yoshida Kenko's essay Tsurezuregusa, that is a collection of 243 short essays, published posthumously and translated into English as "The Harvest of Leisure". Themes of the essays include the beauty of nature, the transience of life, traditions, friendship, and other abstract concepts. The work was written in the zuihitsu (follow-the-brush) style, a type of stream-of-consciousness writing that allowed the writer's brush to skip from one topic to the next, led only by the direction of thoughts.

I incorporated these eloquent Tsurezuregusa essays into my pyrograph work using the letterpress technique. Each 6 x 6 x 1 inch piece, mounted on panel and coated in resin, includes an English translation of the essay used in that work.

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