Radiating Echoes - What is Beautiful?
short film, 2016

This film is an inquiry into the meaning of ‘beautiful’ and is initiated by interviewing blind or visually-impaired people by asking a single question: What is beautiful to you? I brought the recorded answers into a 1000-ft long tunnel that connects the nuclear reactor and the cooling tower at a decommissioned nuclear facility in southern Washington. The echoed sound with a long decay into the darkness was captured and became crucial material for the film.

This is the second film that I created in response to my experience with the Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred in my home country of Japan in 2011. It made me question myself as to why I make art, what does my act of making mean to the society in which I belong, and how I want to communicate with people through what I create. The answers are still not completely clear to me, however producing this film pushed me to move one step forward. 

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Producer and Director: Etsuko Ichikawa
Cinematographer: Ian Lucero
Sound Engineer: Tom Stiles and Daniel Guenther
Editors: Ian Lucero and Etsuko Ichikawa

This film is available to experience with the audio description: