Murmurings of Love
short film, 2019

'Murmurings of Love' depicts a futuristic heroine smashing an ancient Japanese vessel created out of radioactive uranium glass, a byproduct of nuclear energy production. The action of breaking the vase symbolizes our relationship with nature and the global impact of nuclear production on the future.

Using Ai Weiwei's Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn and Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back as references, I put this film in a contemporary art context while my message is about love that we all share timelessly and universally.

This is my fourth film that I created in response to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

Murmurings of Love
4 minutes 30 seconds

Director, Producer, Editor: Etsuko Ichikawa
Filmmaker: Masahiro Sugano
Photographer: Alec Miller
Sound engineer: Tom Stiles
Drummers: Bob Howell and Etsuko Ichikawa
Translator: Jonathan Way
Filmed in Seattle, Washington, USA

Homage to:
Ai Weiwei's Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn
Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back